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The Icy Collection
Pure Brilliance


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the icy collection




the icy collection

The glacial cool of these icy diamonds are enough to melt anyone’s heart. Like drops of clear water frozen within a hard, crystalline cage, these timeless designs capture the lucent beauty of frozen dew on a colourful flower.

Set to grace the modern woman who is unafraid of expressing herself, these icy diamonds are cut larger and are made to be displayed. Their sophistication is evident in the subtle choice of eye-catching colours and dynamic shapes. Hand-fashioned by Joaillier’s skilled craftsmen with the latest technology, this collection of fine jewellery employs diamonds carved from portions of the diamond rough that gem-cutters were previously unable to use.

Unlike the austere feel of traditionally-cut white diamonds, this selection of icy diamonds will instantly update your look with cool, collected elegance.


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